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    Marketing the CBD products have to educate the consumer about the CBD products and its uses. CBD products are considered as a high risk by all the processors and banks. CBD merchant accounts are becoming easier than ever to obtain the product in gaining traction in the marketplace. Some of the health benefits of the CBD products are –

    • Natural anti-inflammatory and pain killing element
    • Effective in treating the epileptic seizures
    • Helps in healing the acne scars and wrinkles of the body
    • Helps in treating the anxiety, depression and nausea

    CBD Sub Industries and Products We Support

    • Beauty and Skincare Products
    • CBD Pet Products
    • CBD Tinctures 
    • Supplements and Capsules
    • Hemp Oil 
    • CBD Gummies
    • CBD Pills and Capsules
    • CBD Powder 
    • CBD Oil Syringe

    Why we use a Payment Processor?

    here are many reasons for your CBD business to use a trusted payment processor in order to facilitate transactions, support ecommerce and help manage day-to-day operations

    Expanded Payment Options

    CBD processors accept credit or debit card payment, allowing you to acquire and serve the customers who prefer these common types of transactions. A processing system enables the customers to buy products

    Easy Payment Integration

    Processors can be incorporated into your existing E Commerce store and product purchases combined with your other workflow payments such as accounting, billing and customer relationship management

    Improved Customer Service

    CBD processors perpetually update their software and adapt their programs. As the right provider will include customer service, troubleshooting, data security and fraud protection in your package.

    Fees Associated With CBD Merchant Account

    The fees associated with the CBD Merchant account depend upon several factors such as – the merchant processing history, type of industry (i.e. high risk or low risk) and the projected sales volume. Each merchant account is unique, but the typical fees that are included in each merchant account are –

    • Merchant Discount Rate
    • Per Transaction Fee
    • Refund Fee
    • Monthly Statement Fee
    • Monthly Gateway Fee
    • Chargeback Fee
    • Six Moth Rolling Reserve

    How You Can Apply For a CBD Merchant Account

    Applying for the CBD Merchant Account is very simple. You have to submit the application form with all the supporting documents such as company registration information, voided check from the depository account, government issued ID for the signer on the account and detail of the products being sold. Basically account approvals are issued within a time-limit of 48 hours. Once your CBD Merchant Account is approved, you can immediately begin the processing.

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